Arsing About on a Monday

I purchased a very cheap tripod the other week for smartphones. Having got a proper one for the big camera, I was not too impressed with trying to use it to take pictures of me as the pictures were what could be generously described as soft focus!

However, for a very small outlay, I thought I would have a try.


I am quite impressed with the results. I will leave it up to you to decide if you are…

My Loves

Anyone who has followed me on Twitter for a while or, in the case of some, have actually met me, know that I love ladies who are curvy.

This is not just having what might be seen as a wider acceptance criteria than other men but I do genuinely find ladies with curves far more appealing to my eye. I have also found they are also very nice too albeit some have quite a naughty streak!

Why is this do you ask? Well I don’t know. Is it nature or is it nurture? I could spend a lot of time trying to discuss this but, with my experiences in life, I tend to find that you should not look backwards but look forwards.

In terms of physical appeal, I used to think it was just all about boobs but I now know I like the plumper bottom as well.

So, if I like and/or compliment a picture you have posted, then you know it is coming from someone genuine.

A Start

Well after being on here a few months, mainly just to follow the blogs of others, I thought I would do a quick post just to see how it all works.

I notice I have two WP followers so thanks for that! You know who you are.

I have no idea, as yet, quite what I will post on here. I know though that I do like chatting and fun and I expect those themes will gradually come to the fore on here albeit I am quite a discrete person both on and offline.